By laws of the archaeological library of the Tallinn University

  1. The reception of books to the archaeological library of the Tallinn University (hereafter the Library) is performed by the librarian, who records the books in the register of the library.
  2. The entry in the register is the main document about the belonging of the book (or some other publication) to the Library.
  3. All books and other publications in the Library are marked with the stamp of the Library and the number combination of the entry in the register.
  4. All books and manuscripts can be used at the Library free of charge. The librarian records the use of books in the electronic register.
  5. In lending books the borrowing rules of the Academic Library of Tallinn University are followed.
  6. Damages caused to a book by the user will be repaired at the expense of the user. For a lost or defaced book the user must pay the compensation that tenfold exceeds the antiquarian price of the lost/defaced book.
  7. For the use of books bestowed to or deposited in the Library the donator or owner may impose specific rules.